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Let us explain what we do in the web development sector and how we do it.

What we do

Websites & Blogs

It doesn’t matter if you're a private individual, a start-up or a big company, websites and blogs are almost a must have nowadays.

Private individuals, for instance, often like to have their own blog to share what's going on in their life, or to give advice to the world and much more.

These “bloggers” often can be subject specific, e.g. travel or food blogs, or even just general chit chat.

Given the rise in the popularity of blogging, there are now many sites that offer you the opportunity to create your own blog in just a few minutes.

However, they all share at least one big downside: limited flexibility.

A custom blog has the advantage that it can be fully adjusted to your needs until you are perfectly happy with it.

Many bloggers generally use WordPress for blogs as it provides the perfect environment for this purpose.

Our Wordpress plugins provide additional features not included in basic Wordpress packages, such as enhanced security.

Nowadays, every company, regardless of its size, must have a website to present themselves and their products and services to the world.

Many smaller companies start out with a website built with WordPress as it's easy to use and provides thousands of free and paid plugins.

However, if you use WordPress for your company site, you need to pay much more attention to the security as WordPress sites are frequently attacked due to their popularity and due to some design flaws that represent security holes. However, our custom-built WordPress sites have you covered.

Backend Systems

We have extensive experience in the development of backend systems, e.g. intranets, management systems and many more. Using the newest techniques and working with the most advanced frameworks ensures that you will obtain a product that is flexible and that lasts.

Our experienced developers have over 10 years’ experience and always have the security of your application(s) in mind.

We have helped many companies, like e.g. Envato, find security vulnerabilities in their systems.
In addition, our security products, like SafeGuard Pro (and the WordPress version of it), are used by hundreds of customers to protect their systems against hackers and other threats and attacks.


Everything starts with an idea. The next step then is thorough planning with a focus on the feasibility.

Having an experienced team on your side ensures that your idea(s) will get realized in the most suitable way and with the most appropriate tools and services.

Our experienced team is the right partner for consulting, security analysis, final implementation and monitoring.

How we do it

Newest technologies

Working with the latest technologies means we can ensure that your applications are secure, fast and flexible and made to last.

High-end frameworks

High-end frameworks, like Laravel, allow you to optimize the workflow and keep the code clean and are very flexible and powerful.

An eye always on security

Our developers always keep a close eye on the security of the applications we develop; after all, no one would like to have their application hacked.


Before releasing code, we always make sure that it works. It’s impossible to totally avoid all mistakes, but we can surely reduce them to an absolute minimum.


Making sure that your application stays online is very crucial in many cases. We can monitor your application and take actions if threats are detected.


We stay in contact with you and remain at your disposal if you have any questions regarding your project. Weekend support is also available.

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