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Short introduction

Test the SQL injection protection

Just press the button below to attempt a SQL injection.

Test the XSS attack protection

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Or visit the admin area and check everything out

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Protection against injection based attacks

Injection-based attacks, for example MySQL injections and XSS attacks are highly dangerous and can be used to take over your site. Furthermore, XSS attacks are on the rise, and even top selling products are now affected. However, SafeGuard Pro can easily protect your website against MySQL injections and XSS attacks.

Protection against bruteforce attacks

Brute-force attacks are most commonly used to find out access data, for example your password. In many cases, the attack involves using a very long list of commonly used passwords and software that tries them all out until one works. As you might expect, SafeGuard Pro can protect you against such brute-force attacks.

Protection against proxies and VPNs

Proxies and VPNs are undoubtedly great, especially in these current times where government institutions have been caught investing billions of dollars in data spying. However, proxies and VPNs can also be used by some to perform unwanted or even illegal operations and so sometimes there is a need to block them. Hence, SafeGuard Pro can block proxies and VPN.

Protection against mass requests

Mass requests, also known as DOS (denial of service) attacks, have the goal to render your website unavailable by flooding it with a high amount of requests until it buckles under the demand pressure and goes down. However, once again, SafeGuard Pro has you covered and is able to block basic DOS and DDos attacks.

Protection against spammers

If users are able to post comments on your website or blog, you may have experienced spammers posting automated comments to advertise. Using CAPTCHA could prevent this but often genuine posters are put off by having to use CAPTCHA too. Luckily, SafeGuard Pro can protect you unobtrusively by linking to the biggest industry database to block known spamming and abusive addresses.

Highly detailed logs

Once you have successfully blocked unwanted threats, you might like to know something about the threats and attacks. When did it happen? Where did they come from? What exactly were they doing? These are some of the many questions that you might have that perhaps we can answer as SafeGuard Pro provides you with many details on the attack, such as the country, city, IP, operating system used, etc.

Extensive banning features

Sometimes you might need to exclude a whole country or even a particular ISP, instead of just an individual IP address. SafeGuard Pro for WordPress includes this capability and allows you to ban or exclude specific IPs and whole countries as well as ISPs.

Hide the WordPress login

There are millions of sites online that use WordPress as a blogging platform. These blogs usually operate on open access and rarely require a login for end users. It is therefore a good idea to hide the login, except for the admin(s), to make it harder for unauthorized persons to get into the admin system. To enable this, we allow you to specify a hidden key that needs to be entered in order to access the admin panel.

Hide the WordPress admin area

There have been many cases in the past where attackers have used security holes inside the WordPress admin directory to gain access into the system. However, there is no reason for an end user to access the /wp-admin directory, and therefore, SafeGuard Pro for WordPress allows you to block everyone, except for logged-in admins, from accessing this directory. Another very important layer of protection.

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Short summary

SafeGuard Pro for WordPress is the most advanced protection plugin available for WordPress.

It gives you the ability to block unwanted threats, log them, automatically ban them and to review them in an easy-to-use admin panel. You receive a fully detailed log for every threat, including the date and time, the type of the threat, IP address, browser, operating system, location, and much more.


SafeGuard Pro Can protect you from:
  1. Proxies
  2. VPNs
  3. Spammers
  4. DDos (Mass requests)
  5. SQL Injections
  6. XSS Attacks
SafeGuard Pro Can protect you from:
  1. Highly detailed logs
    You can separately enable/disable the logging for any or all of these threats. SafeGuard Pro provides you with detailed information about the threats, e.g. operating system, browser, location, and much more.
  2. Redirect blocked threats
    You can redirect blocked threats to a different page. You can even define a separate page for each threat.
  3. Extensive banning features
    SafeGuard Pro for WordPress allows you to ban or exclude specific IPs and whole countries as well as ISPs.
  4. Hide the WordPress login
    We allow you to specify a hidden key that needs to be entered in order to access the admin panel login as no regular user should be able to do so.
  5. Hide the WordPress admin area
    SafeGuard Pro for WordPress allows you to block everyone, except for logged-in admins, from accessing this directory. Another very important layer of protection.
  6. Auto-Ban
    SafeGuard Pro allows you to automatically ban blocked threats for a desired period of time. You can enable this feature separately for each threat.
  7. Fully featured and easy to use admin panel
    You can easily manage all the protection features and logs in the SafeGuard Pro admin panel.
  8. CloudFlare integration
    This features allows you to sync the bans and/or auto-bans with your CloudFlare account.
  9. Easy to use installation wizard
    SafeGuard Pro installation is pretty straightforward. Just run the installation wizard and follow the instructions and prompts given.
  10. Hash generator
    Hash a string with different algorithms. You can also specify the amount of iterations.
  11. Password generator
    Create secure passwords with a desired length.
  12. Clean and well documented code
    Are you a developer? Then you will like the clean and well-documented code – object-oriented, of course!
  13. Easy to understand documentation
    SafeGuard Pro comes with an easy-to-understand documentation file.
  14. 6 months of free support
    Still have questions not answered in our documentation? Don’t hesitate to post your queries to our support forums. Our staff will do the best to assist you.
  15. Free updates
    Whenever we release an update, you will get it first and for free.


v.1.09 – 26.06.2015
[UPDATED] Installation dependencies

v.1.08 – 23.06.2015
[ADDED]   Security level setting to higly lower the risk for false positives
[REMOVED] Testing page (now redirects to the login)
[UPDATED] Use curl instead of file_get_contents() for external content
[UPDATED] Documentation

v.1.07 – 31.05.2015
[ADDED] Redirect page settings for banned access

v.1.06 – 14.05.2015
[FIXED] Turn off error reporting

v.1.05 – 22.02.2015
[ADDED] Option to block whole ISPs (Internet Service Providers)

v.1.04 – 13.01.2015
[FIXED] Country bans not working
[FIXED] Sometimes displaying a wrong IP address in the logs

v.1.03 – 27.12.2014
[ADDED] Option to whitelist IP addresses
[ADDED] Option to set the maximum requests per second, in the admin panel
[ADDED] Option to block search engines
[ADDED] Security check which checks your system for vulnerabilities and insecure parameters
[FIXED] Banning the same IP address multiple times at the same time is no longer possible
[UPDATED] The mySQL injection protection is now fully automatically
[UPDATED] Documentation

v.1.02 – 21.02.2014
[FIXED] Showing wrong location

v.1.01 – 16.02.2014
[ADDED] Country bans
[FIXED] Proxy detection
[FIXED] Log sorting
[FIXED] Wrong OS detecting
[FIXED] Non working icons

v.1.00 – 08.02.2014
Initial release

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